Marie has two channels Frenchtastic and Frenchtastic Explorations. On Frenchtastic watch Marie discover American culture. While on Frenchtastic Explorations let Marie introduce you to France. I found Frenchtastic about a year ago. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Marie come to know American culture, but my favorite thing is to see France and learn about the French culture.

Art is an ale is a unique French American brewpub. When a Texan and a French couple missed the variety of beer, they could get in America when they went back to France, they decided to make their own. They use French raw materials instead of all the hops that are common in America, which gives the beers your used to a unique flavor so it’s like trying it for the first time. If I ever get a chance to go to Amboise I want to go in and give, there beers a try.

2 responses to “Frenchtastic”

  1. Marie, what size hoodie do u wear and where do I mail one to you?


    1. Larry I’m not Marie, I spotlight other content creators not me. You can go to her channel and ask or I could ask for you.


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