Building walls

Roger Waters wrote the song Another brick in the wall about his views on formal education, which were framed during his time at the Cambridgeshire school for boys. He felt the teachers were more interested in keeping the kids quiet than teaching them. The wall refers to the emotional barrier Waters built around himself because he wasn’t in touch with reality. The bricks in the wall were the events in his life which propelled him to build this proverbial wall around him and the teachers was just another brick in that wall.

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This song resonates with me because I was a shy kid that built walls too. I didn’t start tearing down the walls until well after school, even today I would say I’m a little guarded. Now let’s turn to today’s school system. I live in the U.S. so that is my point of view. Would you say they have gotten better or worse? I would say it has gotten worse not only do they want to keep the kids quiet, but to also push their own agenda on young impressionable minds.

One of my favorite music reaction channels reacted to this song recently. Check it out at:

Rob squad reactions

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