Coping with Divorce: A Shy Kid’s Journey

In a house divided, a shy kid lives,

With a heart that’s heavy and emotions he conceives.

The world outside is loud and bold,

But in his mind, his thoughts untold.

His parents’ love once burned so bright,

But now it’s dimmed, and out of sight.

Their fights and bickering have left a scar,

On his young heart, that feels so far.

He spends his days, alone and quiet,

Hiding in his room, trying to deny it.

The pain that comes with a broken home,

Leaves him feeling lost and all alone.

But still, he hopes for a brighter day,

When the hurt and pain will go away.

He dreams of love and family ties,

And a future where his heart can rise.

For in his heart, he knows it’s true,

That love can heal and renew.

And though his home may be split apart,

He’ll find a way to mend his heart.

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