Game: RDP

What came to mind when I thought of today’s ragtag daily post is the games people play.

One of the best arenas for the games people play is the workplace. The people you work with are they kind and just concentrate on doing the best job they can or are they into the workplace politics like demeaning your work so their work (what there is of it) looks better so they look better. We have all came across this person who spends all day brown nosing the boss and pointing your flaws to distract from their own lack of work.

For me I just want to do the best job I can and give the customer the best product I can. I will help my coworkers the best I can and never call attention to the fact that I helped them. Which plays right into the hands of the brown noser which is not everyone I’m not saying that but the one’s you can call your friends is the one that gives you credit for the help. Those are the ones you should continue to help and just withdraw from the others. Don’t start trouble or make a scene just simply not help them anymore. (This I know is easier said than done)

Do I feel my way is the best way to promotion? No, it doesn’t seem to be and that is truly sad but at least I have a clear conscience.

Do you feel it is better to climb the ladder of success by any means necessary or have a clear conscience?

Here are a few content creators I enjoy watching


Movies with Mary

3 responses to “Game: RDP”

  1. I definitely think having a clear conscience is more important. I would rather get ahead in an ethical way.

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  2. I like to think a lot of the people who climb the ladder undeservedly fall off of it just as fast, and when they don’t the company pays the price eventually.

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