Do you like it when something rekindles feelings and emotions from your childhood? The best way to do this is through a song, a movie or a combination of the two. A song comes on and your instantly transported back in time to when you first heard the song or to a memory you associate with the song. Who said time travel was impossible people have been doing it since the beginning of time. Well maybe not the beginning because there was nothing to think back too.

Movies can mark events and times in your past as well and the music in the movie can bring memories back every time you hear it. An example of both that brings me back is the movie DC Cab which features the song The Dream by Irene Cara. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I would spend time with my dad on weekends and summers. Every Friday when he would pick me up, we would go to the video store (everyone remembers those right) and rent movies. That is the memory DC Cab brings me back too. Everyone has heard the song Flashdance but the only place I have heard The Dream that I didn’t play it myself is the movie DC Cab it’s a great song with a great message I will link it below if you want to give it a listen.

There is a new TV show that brings the memories of a movie and of the 80’s in general and that show is Cobra Kai. It continues the story beautifully and has an awesome soundtrack. I am currently rewatching the series now and I also found a reactor reacting to it and the only thing better than feeling the emotions it brings back is watching someone else react to it. When their reaction lines up with yours there is no better feeling.

Now what are some songs or shows that bring you back?

Kazzy Reacts

The Dream

3 responses to “Reminiscing”

  1. I love watching or listening to things that remind me of my childhood. ABBA songs always do that because my dad listens to them a lot and I heard them with him when I was growing up.

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