Who is Atarigen?

You may have noticed the change to my site. Contentcreationtoday is gone and has been replaced with atarigen. I decided that content creation today put too much limitation on my content. I want to write about more than just content creators. I’m known as atarigen on YouTube and Twitter now I have the domain I just thought it made sense. Also, I thought a color change was in order. I don’t like a white background and black font. When I’m reading that format doesn’t hold my attention you could probably blame the ADHD for that though. However, the black wasn’t doing it for me either.

I grew in the seventies and eighties and became a gamer with my Atari 2600 and that passion kept growing through Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, and Xbox. I don’t have videos on YouTube at the minute but plan to start them up again because I enjoy it so much. I make gaming videos for me it’s all about the story I can create with franchise and career modes. I also love open world games like Assassins Creed and Red Dead Redemption.

As much as I like gaming music was my first and still is my greatest passion. I plan to share my love of music here as well. I have some ideas for music blogs. I plan to write how the lyrics speak to me not so much what the song was intended to be about.

Red Dead Redemption 2 playthrough

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Reaction

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