What do you think of when you here the word work? For me it’s something I have to do to survive, not what I’m passionate about. It’s that place you go that treats you like a piece of meat or a machine they can switch on to get what they need. Even if you like what you do the management ruins it for you with there petty regulations. When you have a problem physically and can’t work which is me right now the paper work you got to do to get a little something that may or may not keep your head above water is mentally taxing and aggravating. Those rare occasions when you do get a well done pat on the back it seems hollow because they usually just push for a little more now matter what you have gave so far.

Okay I’m aware you have to work at everything you do, but if you are doing something you are passionate about and there is no one trying to crush your spirit it hardly feels like work at all. I always here about pampered athletes have to be mentally tough, however that is nothing compared to having to deal with overbearing management grinding you down while you are making just enough to get by.

When you think of the word work does it provoke a positive response or a negative one?

One response to “Work”

  1. It provokes an anxious response in me hah

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