The USFL kicked off again this Easter weekend. I remember when the USFL first kicked off in 1983. I was ten years old, and it was just more football for me. I didn’t have a favorite team. I enjoyed watching every game. Jim Kelly and his Houston Gamblers, Steve Young and his LA express, and Herschel Walker and his New Jersey Generals. At two games in now I already find it more entertaining than the NFL. In my opinion the NFL has become too much of a business. The USFL needs to focus on the game and keep it fun and the fans will come. The fans in turn need to support the USFL and the teams of their choice. If it keeps costing money and doesn’t make any it won’t last. It will take a team effort to keep the USFL around. There is no reason the NFL should view the USFL as competition they don’t play at the same time and it’s another way for more players to develop and get a chance. There are plenty of players to go around and the best thing about this is more kids will get a shot.

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