Grass is greener

The old saying the grass is always greener on the other side. I find that to be true as it pertains to where you live. I live in America, and I love my country it’s a beautiful country. I don’t like the political climate but then again who does. However, I’m familiar with it. I have been here my whole life. I would love to see Europe and especially France. Why France? It’s because of Marie and her channels Frenchtastic and Frenchtastic Explorations. So, for me the grass is greener in France, and I suspect the same is true for Marie. That for her the grass is greener here in America.

Photo by Eugene Dorosh

Now I know that the saying is usually in regard to some else’s situation is better than yours. There was a time in my life when I thought of it that way. That was when I was in school. There was always a group I wished I was a part of. There was someone I wanted to be like because I thought they were better than me or I wanted to be someone else because that’s who a girl liked. I guess that’s a lesson we all have to learn. To be who we are and not worry about who does and don’t like you. I’m in my forties now and very comfortable being me, if someone likes who I am we’re friends if not I simply stay away from them. In a way it’s good I didn’t have this mindset in school when the consequences weren’t as severe on fighting. You know how kids can be some can’t feel good about themselves unless they are putting others down. I know longer have the tolerance for that.

This is how that saying works for me. I no longer get envious of other people; we all have our own problems and different things makes us happy. I have a quote unquote day job it’s just a necessity. What makes me happy is creating something like a YouTube video, Twitch stream or writing. They don’t enable me to quit my day job but that’s not why I do it. I’m not envious of the content creators because they can do it full time. I am just happy for them. I do really wish I could see other parts of the world so in that aspect I guess I’m envious, but they are also envious of me for being here I suspect.

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