Boyhood Dreams

Chase Woodson was a normal kid he dreamed of walking from the on-deck circle in game seven of the world series. Walking to the batter’s box the crowd cheering on a chilly autumn night. Then the stars align, and he hits the walk off home run that wins the world series for his team. Growing up on a farm outside of Belleville, Kansas Chase would perfect his home run swing with his friends every chance he got. His love affair with the game started while watching Saturday afternoon games on TV with his dad. In little league he enjoyed smashing home runs with his friends, but it was this time that Chase found his defensive position. There was something intriguing about playing the hot corner that excited Chase, so he began playing third base. Chase went on to play baseball in college at Emporia State University in his home state of Kansas. A division two school just southwest of Kansas City. It is now draft day and Chase gets a call from his High School coach while he is waiting for the call. As he hangs up, he gets the call he has been waiting for from the Los Angelas Angels of Anaheim.

What I did here is give a backstory to a career mode on MLB the show 22 on a YouTube playthrough. If you want to see how Chase’s professional career gets started, click here.

Reboot is a new content creator that I discovered on Twitch when I was searching for someone streaming road to the show instead of online game modes.

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