Yearning Traveler

Do you yearn to see as much of this world as you can? Do you yearn to experience other cultures? The answers to both of these questions for me is yes. Are you lacking the means to travel the world? Does your lack of means have you feeling trapped in your current situation? Unfortunately, these questions are a yes for me as well. For me holding down a job that barely gets me by takes away the two things you need to travel that is time and money. Does anyone else know the toll that feeling trapped has on someone? I have learned that I must take the time to enjoy and cherish the little things that are so important to our sanity but are greatly overlooked. In this post I want to explore ways to experience other parts of the world without the means to travel.

If music is your passion learn to make it!


When you think of traveling to France the first place that comes to mind is Paris right? When I travel, I want to avoid the well-known tourist locations and experience the real France (for a lack of a better term) you know really get to experience life in France. From the beaches in Normandy to the Mediterranean Sea. If you only have a short time to visit, why not choose a city where you can experience a little France and a little Germany. Of course, I’m speaking of Strasbourg. After watching Marie, a Frenchtastic Explorer the first thing I’m going to do is try the flammekueche because well I like food. After the that I would just walk around the city and take it in. You see I do not need an itinerary I just need to be there and let the experiences happen. That being said there would be specific places I want to see like the Cathedral of our lady of Strasbourg and Parc de l’Orangerie just to name a few.

If you would like to see a short tour, you can at Frenchtastic Explorations

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