Fourth of July

When I think of fourth of July I think of patriotism, America’s Birthday, hot dogs, and cookouts. It’s a time for everyone to come together and celebrate our country. I watch a lot of YouTube and I have noticed that content creators from the UK can be more patriotic than people from America. Which is not surprising when you see all the fighting and bickering on social media. We all have things we agree on, and we all have things we disagree on it just depends on which of those things we focus on. We all know what the media wants us to focus on it seems like they want us all fighting with each other. What we need to do is focus on what we have in common and stop worrying about what we don’t. Especially today when we celebrate our country’s independence.


12 responses to “Fourth of July”

  1. It would do wonders for the world if we focused on what we have in common and let go of the differences. Hope you had a good 4th of July.

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    1. Sadly, enough my 4th of July was like any other day. I didn’t even watch any fireworks in person or on TV. My job doesn’t provide anything extra. I spend my life in a factory for just barely enough to get by. So, when I’m not working, I’m at home saving money. I love content creation both watching others and dabbling in it myself and have found I enjoy writing as much as streaming. I started this blog to highlight content creators I watch but have found that my post that are just me writing about what I feel do better. I have a blog I haven’t published yet where I highlight a creator and a product if you want, I can share the link and you can tell me if I should even try my hand at copywriting.

      PS thank God for grammar help software because I apparently don’t know when to use a comma.

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      1. Sorry to hear about that. Work can be complicated and difficult sometimes.

        Yes, do share that link.

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          1. You can’t look at that because it’s not published can you.


          2. The link isn’t working for some reason.


            1. The post I sent is live now

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              1. Okay great, I’ll check it out.

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              2. Still not working for some reason.


              3. Still not working. Try using a link to the site itself instead of a specific post.

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                1. I’m sorry I meant since it’s published you don’t have to use that link now. Like a dummy I tested the individual post links in a new window and it worked for me but then again why wouldn’t it my computer has access to everything in WordPress.

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                  1. Okay got it. I’ll check out the post.


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