That dreaded C word

It’s Wednesday yesterday I barely got through work. I work in a factory so if it’s below 90 degrees in there we are lucky. So, getting through a day is challenging under the best of circumstances and every time I was up on my feet which is a lot, I felt nauseous and weak. At the end of the day when I finally made it it dawned on me that I had experienced these symptoms before. Almost two years ago it started off like a cold, I would get a fever at night and three days in I lost my sense of taste. Yep, we know what that dreaded C word is now don’t we. I was one of the lucky ones I just had to sleep it off because if I got up, I would get weak. After a week and a half, I was fine my taste came back but it hasn’t been the same as it was and there are things I can’t eat and drink anymore that I used to love. Okay back to today I took today off to rest and get tested to make sure I had it. My health department only test on Mondays. The right thing is to stay out and keep everyone safe however what if doing the right thing affects your ability to earn a living. It is not hitting me as hard as last time so I could work tomorrow I think just have to wait and see. I am vaccinated that is why it hasn’t hit me as hard. Covid is not going away it is something we just have to deal with now. Is it my job to protect anyone that didn’t get vaccinated?

What do you guys think I think the decision is taking more of a toll than anything.

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