Will love flourish or wither

We unite into one

Our love quickly crowded out

Choked out or persevere

First of all, I know the syllable count is not quite right. I must say though it was pretty good for my first attempt. This haiku is about love, will life quickly drown the love out with its many demands on our time or will the love persevere and grow stronger. You can put so much into your career that you forget what is truly important. The reason you have to work is to provide a good life to the one you love, which can also bring about distractions. You work to pay the bills that sustain the life the two of you are building and one day you look up and that is all you were focused on. Whether it’s a career you love or a job you hate the outcome could be the same, it could be all you end up with.

3 responses to “Will love flourish or wither”

  1. I enjoyed the haiku. Great job for your first try. I think a lot of people have that dilemma where they spend their lives working and one day they look up and realise life has passed them by and all they concentrated on was work.

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  2. Nice haiku, especially for your first one. Congrats!

    As a poet who writes mostly haiku, I will tell you that the traditional 5/7/5 syllable count has fallen by the wayside in English language ‘ku because our syllables don’t correspond to Japanese word sounds. So just write to get the image you want. Play with the language, and enjoy writing them.

    For years, I adhered strictly to the 5/7/5 syllable count, and once I let it go (as suggested), my haiku improved and sounded less stilted.

    In fact, with your prose along with the haiku you have created a haibun, a type of haiku-like poem. ~Nan

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    1. Thank you I was first introduced to haiku from a video game ghost of Tsushima. I first found my love of writing when I had to take a writing class for a computer degree needless to say that didn’t work out


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