By definition it means:

The state or experience of being isolated from a group or an activity to which one should belong, or in which one should be involved.

Loss or lack of sympathy or estrangement.

In Marxist theory a condition of workers in a capitalist economy, resulting from a lack of identity with the products of their labor and a sense of being controlled or exploited.

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Starting at the top I have been isolated from groups and activities all my life. I am partially to blame for that. I am an introvert after all and as an introvert, I shy away from group settings. Now I’m an introvert when I was in school, I was downright shy. Back then it would have been nice to have been included in sports teams and clubs. Things may have turned out differently had I tried to be included and break out of my shell earlier, because I was so shy and didn’t reach out, others were apprehensive about inviting me in. It’s a vicious cycle that only I could have broken. I don’t blame anyone else for it. After I graduated, I grew out of shyness but was and still am an introvert.

I can interject in conversations now and communicate, however, I prefer not to if it’s not a one-on-one conversation. Over the years I have developed a loss of sympathy and an estrangement. Don’t get me wrong I still care about people and wouldn’t hurt anyone. I just don’t have a need for interaction anymore. Like I said earlier if I would have broken out of my shell earlier, I would be a better person now and maybe more successful.

As for the last definition maybe, Karl Marx had a point. I have worked for a living my entire life with very little to show for it. I have the important things that money can’t buy a wonderful family. We have a roof over our heads, and we are not starving. My problem with the system is it treats people like we are robots by seemingly only caring about the products we create and not about the people making them. That is a broad statement not all employers are that way, but the bigger they are the more it seems to be true.

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Where did this post come from?

A couple of days ago the word alienation kept popping into my head. I didn’t know why at the time, but I thought about the next day, and this is what came out.

Have you felt similar feelings toward your job?

Do you have the same regrets about being shy?

11 responses to “Alienation”

  1. It’s true, very often people are treated like robots that are just there for productions of goods or services and that can really effects workers mental health. That was the biggest reason I decided to work for myself. I just felt like if I was putting in so much time and effort, I should be keeping the profit too. A lot of my friends that do work for others tell me very often that they are not satisfied at work or that they are lonely/unhappy due to their job.

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    1. I think this is my best blog to date. I incorporated images it’s a little more detailed. My only criticism is that it sounds very familiar, maybe it’s an overused theme. You don’t think being shy scarred me more than I first thought do you.

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      1. I quite enjoyed the way you presented the post. I don’t know if it scarred you but sometimes we don’t realise just how much of an effect something has on our life. Don’t you ever wonder what life would be like if you hadn’t been shy? I think about that sometimes.

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        1. I would have been involved in sports and clubs in school. I would have been more involved so I might have had more college I mean university info so I could have had a degree. I caught myself the rest of the world calls it university:)

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          1. Yeah, I call it university too and always say I went to university. Well technically we all call it uni lol.


        2. You don’t know how to completely get rid of my old domain do you. WordPress isn’t getting back to me about it.

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          1. If you’ve stopped paying for it I think it goes away after a few months. It’s a good idea to have a redirect though so those visiting that domain will be redirected to your current site.

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            1. It’s just the landing page or blog page. The homepage works which I removed the top menu from the home page. However, if you click on a latest blog you can’t get back because the top menu on the blogs work the same way.

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              1. You should probable change the destination for your username too because it’s still using your old domain.


            2. contentcreationtoday expired 13 days ago

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              1. It’s still newly expired so it’ll take a few months until everything is gone and Search Engines have updated their data too.

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